Ended-5.2m Starter Miner 3.4B BO - Flying Barges, Mining Drones 5

EveSkillboard - Meahawl

Starter Miner - Ready for immediate work

Skilled to Fly


Ice Harvesting Drone Operation Level: 4
Mining Drone Operation Level: 5

Bonus Remaps Available: 2

All CCP Rules apply.

Character is in accessible Highsec (Grinacanne).
I will pay for transfer.
Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
Character is in NPC corp.
Min 50m bidding increments please.
Start bid 2.8B.
Buyout 3.4

If no buyout, auction will end Sunday downtime. (24 hours)

If not sold, it will be skilled up to Exhumers and sold next month

Auction of this Miner ends in 80 minutes.

Auction Ended

oof, justtttt too late

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