Sale Completed


Wallet balance is 1.5m ISK.
There are no kill rights on the character.
The character has zero jump clones.
Character is located in hisec and is docked.

Mining Barge V
Caldari Frigate V
CPU Management V
Electronics Upgrades V
Power Grid Management V
Drones V
Hull Upgrades V

Starting bid 4b. Please don’t message me in-game, I only take bids on this forum post. Bids close at 12PM EST on January 25, 2018.

5.0 billion ISK offer accepted. Sale completed.

first offer 4b :smiley:

4.1B offer here.

4.2 bid here

4.4b offer

Bump! I will close bids at noon EST tomorrow.



I bid 5bn.

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5b accepted! Please send an in-game mail to me so we can get in touch.

Will do. Thanks

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