Sale Completed

(Catherine Outamon) #1


Wallet balance is 1.5m ISK.
There are no kill rights on the character.
The character has zero jump clones.
Character is located in hisec and is docked.

Mining Barge V
Caldari Frigate V
CPU Management V
Electronics Upgrades V
Power Grid Management V
Drones V
Hull Upgrades V

Starting bid 4b. Please don’t message me in-game, I only take bids on this forum post. Bids close at 12PM EST on January 25, 2018.

5.0 billion ISK offer accepted. Sale completed.

(TypingTot) #2

first offer 4b :smiley:

(Wealthy Aristocrat) #3

4.1B offer here.

(TypingTot) #4

4.2 bid here

(Galen Tomte) #5

4.4b offer

(Catherine Outamon) #6

Bump! I will close bids at noon EST tomorrow.

(Catherine Outamon) #7


(Catherine Outamon) #8


(Mr Digs) #9

I bid 5bn.

(Catherine Outamon) #10

5b accepted! Please send an in-game mail to me so we can get in touch.

(Mr Digs) #11

Will do. Thanks

(system) #12

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