WTS Perfect trade alt, with caldari standings

I am selling my trading character


Has potitive wallet
NPC corp

starting bid 5b

Confirming i am for sale.

4 b offered

Thanks for the offer

4.1b ?

In game offer sent

i give 5b

5.1b offered

In game reply sent

I’ll be back sunday day time to finish auction. Please post bids on forum as I can not see what you have offered as I am not at my pc thanks.

Current bid 5.3b auction ends at 21:00

which standing he got?

Calgary navy at around 5

5.2 b offer

Auction over, waiting for funds and account details

didnt notice the 5.3 offer, would bid more then…

Come ingame for chat if you like.


Isk recieved, Starting character trasnfer now.

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