WTS 16M SP Almost Perfect Trade Toon

Hello, Looking to sell me Almost perfect trade toon with just over 16M SP

Located in High Sec

positive Sec Status

Positive Wallet

250k unallocated SP

Mining Barge Lvl 5

Starting Bid 9B

Auction will End Thursday 6th December


Guessing this sale is inspired by this

The value was in the standings, not the trade skills, will never see 9 bil

No affiliation with that account daily Bump

mail send


9,1 bil…

9.1 B accepted transfer isk and I shall commence the transfer

strange, i offer you 9,5 but oke

u said within 2hrs

if the offer stands at 9.5B please transfer isk and I shall accept

sending now


Will never see 9b for a 16 million SP Character? You’re off your rocker. He/she will likely get around 12-13b and if they took to their guns 14-15b.

And… she/he took the lowest bid possible out of impatience lol.

in my opinion 9.5B was more than enough for that character but that is my opinion CHARACTER IS NOW SOLD CHARACTER TRANSFER UNDERWAY

you using plex to transfer? havent seen a ccp mail yet

can you pls confirm transfer?

havent recieved a CCP conformation mail, so i ussume your using plex transfer. 24hrs have passed so it would be nice to get conformation.


Translation: Can’t believe you gave me 9 bil… hope you get your toon Cap

good point, but we will see, iff not a ticket is made in seconds