WTS: 4.8m Caldari (SOLD)

(Thitara) #1


Selling myself:

  • Eveboard (Password: 666)

  • Char is in high sec

  • Positive wallet

  • Clean corp history

  • Nice name

  • 2 Re-maps

Start Bid: 3.5b
B/O: 4.5b

  • Transfer will be paid by me

Wtb core skills 4 to 8bil
(Thitara) #2

To the top we go

(Thitara) #3

Up we go

(Thitara) #4


(Thitara) #5

Nobody at all?

(Ramus Ellecon) #6

3.5 B

(Thitara) #7


Send isk and accountname so i can start transfer.

(Ramus Ellecon) #8

Isk and account name sent.

(Thitara) #9

ISK and information is received.

CCP is informed for transfer by petition.

(Thitara) #10

Transfer should be finished:

I have now removed 1000 PLEX from your Vault, and transferred Thitara to the account xxxxxxx as requested.

(Ramus Ellecon) #11

Character received, thank you.

(system) #12

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