WTS 7.3M SP Ice Miner [SOLD]

7.3M SP mostly in Mining/Planetary Interaction and Ships. Some drone skills too.


Located in Jita
No Killrights
ISK Positive Wallet
Bonus Remap Available

Mining Barge/Mining Frigate 5
Ice Harvesting 5
Exhumers 4
Cybernetics 5

Starting Bid 4.5b, Buyout 6.0b

Starting reduced to 5b

4.5 B

Thank you for the bid my man. Hoping for somewhat closer to the buyout but also relatively impatient, so do you mind seeing what happens over the next couple days?

Daily Bump. Had a bid of 4.5b so far

Still for sale

If you are still interested @Viodox let me know and I’ll accept the 4.5b

Bump. Back up. 4.5b min bid. Serious buyouts considered.

5b acknowledged. Will accept in 12 hours if no further bids.

Found other toon. GL

No worries dude. Back up. 4.5b starting


Thanks for the bid @Oz7y ill give it a couple hours to see if anyone else bids, then close the auction.

Bid accepted @Oz7y lets get this thing going :slight_smile:

Isk and account details sent

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Kayima

Will be completed after: 9/1/2019 2:49:32 AM

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