Project Discovery Level 500 with 99% accuracy, been doing it since I started playing 75 days ago (With some general tips)

There are some general tips for those that want to do it as well:

Do the tutorial. Don’t skip it, if you skipped it, you can turn it back on. I skipped tutorial at start, been stuck on less than 50% accuracy for a week, then I did the tutorial and skyrocketed in accuracy. You won’t even know what you have to do without doing the tutorial.

Don’t put false positives, it will have a harmful effect on data (it may not always harm you, but it harms the project). Some samples will reduce your accuracy for that too. If you don’t see any sign of planet, click “No Transits”.

After you get a hang of Project Discovery, start doing it casually when you can spare some of your attention, like while travelling, mining, trading or ratting.

Don’t submit the samples too fast even if you’re fast. It won’t save your time. Project Discovery has a built-in anti-botting mechanism that won’t let you do it for several seconds if you submit the samples too fast. Take a few seconds to analyze each sample.

If you’ve done the tutorial but still don’t know what to do, check this guide by Rexxar Santaro. This will definitely help and improve your accuracy and give far more information about the Project Discovery than my general tips.


BULLSH!T…I have 99% accuracy and I have been doing this for over a year whenever I have time…and I’m only at lvl 39. If you got to level 500 in 75 days, you did it every day, all day without sleep…or you cheated somehow. I might have believed 750 days. Anyone who defends you in here, also cheated.

Just because you can’t do something doesn’t mean someone else can’t either.

No cheating, not being 24/7 online. Simply being able to submit samples fast and accurately is enough. You can get about 7 levels per day on average in 2-3 hours (on early stages leveling up is faster too). Now do the math and you can see 75 days is more than enough to finish it. Also don’t forget daily double XP for first 10 samples.

If all you got is level 39 in more than 1 year, you either play for 5 minutes a day, or are very slow at analyzing samples.

You’re either trolling, or bitter. Neither is good.


Of all theshit in the game, I would never have believed someone would get offended over Project Discovery, but each time, the eve community disappoints me anew.


Congratulations, that’s definitely an achievement.

There’s been other Capsuleers who have shared their great talent with us as well, such as @Aruar in this thread:

Anyway, keep up the good work.



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