Project Discovery Level 700 @ 99%

Level 700 and Still at 99%


Not sure how you did it or how much time you put in it, but good work.


Jesus christ
Have you build the pacifier and the enforcer yet lol?
If not ill have the bpc’s XD

I haven’t used a thing


Jesus christ thats allot of skins o_o
I see that most of those skins you have multiples of
Would you be willing to sell any of them?
Im looking at the megathron skin :stuck_out_tongue:
im also looking at the apocalypse skin :stuck_out_tongue:
oo armageddon skin too >.>

Sorry if im intruiding lOL im just wondering if i could buy some off your hands, im aiming for ones that you have multiples of.

Hm… Did you speak with a doctor? Seems you have a brain troubles :smiley:

You can message me in game if you’re looking to get some. I’ve been meaning to take them all to Jita and Dump them.

Ah okay :slight_smile:

Hey, you’re a genius! :smiley:

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You be crazy! Soloing the citizen science for the community.

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I’m trying.
Just cracked 750.
Only 250 to go to 1000



I got bored at level 10, only @ 65% accuracy so far. I might give it a bash again.

Thats some crazy grind, hard core style.


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Holy fluffy cheese cake, i then saw you have the “Tengu skin” omg… I thought it was a Lie

I’ve actually posted that one on the market as an auction

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I bet it has a insane price tag, never seen one on the Market.

I’ve got it starting at 500m. No bids. only 3 others on contract.

I wouldn’t let it go for anything less then 4billion perhaps even more. Is it the only one on the market ?

3 others. 1 of which is in a group.
You’d think it would go for a lot. we shall see. I’ve got the Proteus too

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Yeah i’ve got the loki and legion skins, also nidd but im probs not going to sell them. i am defs keeping the nidd, not sure about the loki and legions though.

Dam and I thought I was doing well at level 55 :slight_smile: