Future Updates to Project Discovery I'd like to see

I’d like to start this with a big thank you for fixing that annoying retrieval error that was constantly popping up. It was beyond annoying and slowed things way down. So a very sincere Thank You! for that.

On to some changes I’d like to see.

Skins: I’ve literally gotten every one… like 4 times. Some I’ve had up to 40 copies. And what’s worse they are (with a few exceptions) almost worthless now. Most are worth under 1m several are worth under 100k.
I’d say we have about reached market saturation with them. Few other ways of getting skins have remained open for so long and it would be nice for either new skins (Gila, Orca, etc) or some other reward (Like a BPC or clothing or LP)
I don’t even sell mine anymore, I’ve used all the ones I care to use and I give the rest away to my CEO. She can’t even get rid of them fast enough.

A Leader board: I would assume this would be something very easy to program and you could set it up however you wanted. Just displaying the top 10, 20, 50, 100 or whatever amount you like then just displaying statistics (like 4000 people at level 200 - 250) Some of us are working hard to get absurdly high levels and it would be cool to see everybody in the running.

Higher tier rewards: I get level 250 is a monster of an achievement and there are many (many) people that haven’t even gotten that yet. But for those of us that said good bye to the 200’s Months ago. It would be nice to see some higher tier rewards on the horizon. I’m not even particular about what they are. I’m sure CCP can think of something cool to give at higher levels.

I welcome any input for changes and updates others would like to see in Project Discovery.

I’d say we need exactly the opposite. This shouldn’t be a competition.

There should be stronger ‘punishments’ for those submitting erroneous returns. Mark random peaks - boom - 10% loss of accuracy. Mark an eclipsing binary as a planetary transit - boom - lose 5 levels and pay a penalty fare equivalent to all the isk awarded for achieving those five levels.

Just a little something to encourage a more measured approach to ‘science’.

My reasoning for wanting people to go for higher and higher levels is so they will do more and more science. Nothing motivates people like achievements and rewards.

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