Project discovery lvl 500+


I have a problem with the new project discovery.
I just reached the lvl 500, and i can’t go further with this message :

I have more than 200M SP, i’m still training, and i’m omega. What’s the problem ?

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If you have SP. Write ticked.

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Are you also an Amazon mturk?

That’s done.

I did all the samples possible since the beginning of this new project discovery.

Just to make sure: Do you have more than 10 mil SP on your character? (I assume spent / trained SP not unallocated but just a guess though.)

I have actually 200 294 633 SP on this character.

I see then your best bet is to wait for support to respond and explain what is going on. Hopefully nothing serious and you can carry on as usual once they fix it for you.

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I am also facing the same issue. I cannot progress past 500 and I have way more than 10 million sp.

I cannot progress past level 500 as it says I need to have 10 million SP to continue.

I have far more than 10 million SP.

Same here. Made a bug-report.

I have same issue, too.

Moved to General Issues

I’m having the same issue, and hope this gets addressed soon.

I have same problem with over 100mil SP


  • Fixed issue on Project Discovery that did not allow to advance past level 500.

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