Project Manhattan [BOMB.] is recruiting

Project Manhattan is a PVP corp that’s made up of a mixture of very experienced and newer members that all like to make nice explosions and generally have a great time. We’re looking for new pilots to come and join us and this is an example of the kind of stuff we do:

Garmur v Delve

We’re members of the Mercenary Coalition so as well as zipping around in small ships annoying Goons and having multiple titans dropped on your interceptor in Delve, you’ll get to experience all other types of PVP from small gang to big alliance fleets and massive supercapital fights.

What we can offer

  • Lots of PVP content and plenty of targets

  • We’re active across the whole map of Eve so you’ll get the chance to travel and see the sights

  • Skilled, experienced and knowledgeable corp mates. (Some of them at least :slight_smile:)

  • A relaxed and friendly environment. Some of us have flown together for over 15 years!

  • A null sec home

  • Great alliance logistics

  • All timezones welcome. We are mainly EU tz but we do have some US and Australia tz players. The alliance runs ops in all timezones as well.

What we’re looking for

If you think this sounds good and you’re thinking of joining us then we’d like to hear from you if you can meet the following requirements:

  • 30 million skill points is the expected entry standard

  • Decent experience in PVP, evidenced on Zkillboard and with reasonable recent activity

  • Financially independent. We’re not an isk making corp but we do have access to all the benefits of null sec

  • Ability fly a wide range of ships . Decent capital pilots are especially welcome.

If you’d like to find out more then join BOMB-Public for a chat, or get in touch with me in game.

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good friendship.

…lies, they beat me and take all my isk if i “not kill more” It is hard to keep track what is going on actualy :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: xD

PS: heres another LINKAGE of what all “we must do” :smiley:

We still want u.

We’re still recruiting

Still on for more ppl. :slight_smile:

Do it!

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