"Project Manhattan" opens recruitment

(MRKWA) #1

Good day to you capsuleers! :slight_smile:

Project Manhattan” is pure pvp corporation that opened recruitment so we fill our rows with new, skilled, and experienced pvp players that want to feel small tactical warfare pvp action in 00. space.
Majority of corporation consists of very old (very old indeed), skilled members that participated in some of the oldest, biggest eve wars, know what the f* they doing, but we need YOU to come join us make eve burn! :japanese_ogre:

Consider yourself and option to join us if u meet the following min. requirements:

*50 mil sp.

  • able to fly Hac & Inty
  • all the support skills
  • self sufficient
  • have working headset (mandatory)

What we offer:



(Maasu) #2

Eve’s very own Dads army

(Yikes) #3

We’re not that old. Most of us still have our own teeth!

But not our hair, sadly…

Anyway, come and fly with us because there’s lots of ships to blow up, you’ll have fun and we’re awesome!

(Crimsynn) #4

love you mrkwa

(Warmaster Horus) #5

Come join the baldest corp in eve. We need people with hair!

(Crystalline Entity) #6

These guys are bonkers but brilliant. Very competent small gang pvpers that like to abuse powerblocks

(MRKWA) #7

hell yea boiiiiiiiiiii

(AngryBeaver11) #8

to the top!

(Crystalline Entity) #9

These are good dudes, despite their odd decision to join MC :wink:

(MRKWA) #10


(MRKWA) #11

(Crystalline Entity) #12

Join these dudes just to experience MRKWA pvping

(Yikes) #13

Still recruiting, join us in our public channel BOMB-Public to find out more

(Yikes) #14

Still recruiting. All timezones welcome!

Killboard link

(Yikes) #15

We’re still recruiting skilled and experienced PVPers.

Join BOMB-Public or send me an in game mail if you’d like to find out more.

(Sammy Sutherland) #16

MRKWA deserves a bump, on his head :sunglasses: I flew with him in Outsiders. many years ago. Have him message me in game. o7

(Yikes) #17

Still recruiting experienced PVPers. Join BOMB-Public to find out more.

(Yikes) #18

We’re recruiting again. Come and see us in our in game channel, BOMB-Public

(system) #19

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