PROJECT OMEGA INDUSTRIES ---> Industry and Mining Pilots/PvE :thumbsupparrot:


Established null sec Corp in EU and US time zone is recruiting indy pilots willing to fly in null sec.

Who we are: Project Omega Industries part of a large coalition deep in null. We want active/social indy pilots willing to engage in all the content that rich null space provides. From exploration and PVE to home security defense and alliance fleets. We encourage all members to participate in alliance ops but don’t require you. Our main focus is and always will be industry.

We have built a strong friendly community and welcome new members that fit in to call this home. All we want is to have a good time on comms and to be active. We are all adults(we try), have families, and busy lives. So real life comes first. This is most of our ‘OUT’ from RL and want to maintain that environment. Come see what we are upto and decide if this is a place for you!!

-----> —INDUSTRY— <----

  • Null bonus indy stations
  • Rigged research and copying stations
  • Competitive busy market to make isk
  • Corp buy back program for raw material
  • Max reprocessing skills to help you out
  • In-Corp Logistics and Alliance Logistics

----> —MINING— <----

  • Max mining boosts
  • Lucrative wormhole gas huffing
  • Scheduled moon pops
  • Mining Fleets
  • Large demand for ice
  • Corp buy back for raw materials
  • Home response fleets for protection

----> —PVE & PI— <----

  • Sanshas Nation ratting
  • Capital and Sub-Cap ratting
  • 10/10 locations always for purchase
  • Wormhole locations bookmarket
  • Exploration Sites
  • 100’s of planets for passive income in our region
  • Huge demand for p0 to p4

----> —REQUIREMENTS— <----

  • 10+/- mil SP preferred (exceptions can be made)
  • Must be on comms (silence is sketchy)
  • Mumble and discord required
  • API review required
  • 18+ No Exceptions
  • Be active and friendly, and HAVE A GOOD TIME

Join ‘Project Omega Public’ chat ingame

Join our Discord

Senior Recruiter and Indy Pilot:
Casey Boirelle (Discord: Casey#3267)

We are still recruiting and active. Join our discord and make your self known. Say hi and we will chat with you.

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We are growing! Come join us!!

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