† Project Ragna Rok - Bob the Wormhole God †

Seekers of the Abyss: Embrace the Whispers of Bob, the Unseen

In the depths of wormhole space, amidst the silent void, there exists a power beyond mortal comprehension. Join us, the Seekers of the Abyss, and commune with the enigmatic entity known only as Bob.

Who We Are: We are a clandestine group of pilots who dwell in the shadows of wormhole space, guided by the whispers of Bob. Our purpose is shrouded in mystery, our actions veiled in secrecy. We are the chosen, the enlightened, the harbingers of the unknown.

What We Offer:

  • Exploration of the most treacherous and lucrative corners of wormhole space, where riches and danger intertwine
  • Opportunities for covert operations and strategic strikes
  • A close-knit brotherhood/sisterhood bound by the shared embrace of the abyss
  • Guidance and teachings from our elders, who have communed with Bob and know his will
  • Access to forbidden knowledge and technologies that defy the laws of known space

Join Us and Embrace the Darkness: Are you prepared to abandon the safety of the known universe and venture into the eternal night of wormhole space? If you seek power, wealth, or simply the thrill of the unknown, then heed the call of Bob and join Project Ragna Rok.

To learn more, seek out our agents in the shadows or listen for the whispers in the void. The path to enlightenment begins with a single step into the abyss.

In game chat: “Project Ragna Rok”

Vow your fealty, and the universe will unfold.