Bob-the deity of Wormholes

Bob-the deity of Wormholes

TL;DR This is a post of what I’ve found on Bob, including writings, scripture, and minor points to take note. There are also some questions at the end.

I’ve spent all my time in wormholes and I thought Bob was common place, but after reading this article I’m not really sure anymore The VergeI’ve managed to find the Gospel of Onimuru but not the Book of Rob outside of some writings by ProcDiadochu on and an imperium article on Bob that didn’t yield much other sources to follow

Courtesy of WombatFromDodixie: Book of Bob

The only prophets I’ve been able to find are that of Onimuru and Proclus Diadochu. There was also a pilot by the name of Ozymandias Sparious who claims to have been a high priest of Bob in a recruitment ad, causing questions to arise to the validity of him being a priest of Bob as he used his “position” for recruitment and not killing. I found a recording of something, but I don’t know if it has to do with the history of Bob or any of his scriptures. The capsuleer understanding of Bob seems to be shrouded in mystery, more so when I found another post.

Courtesy of HerrBert: Diggin deep Sup
Courtesy of High Priest: Bob’s Favor through Sacrifice-“I will leave your corpse at the sun for Bob” originated from this form of sacrifice.

The Prayer:

I’ve also wondered if the Thukker Tribe has had any ties to Bob with them being nomadic and wormhole life being semi-nomadic with the connections spawning and despawning each day. Has the Thukker tribe had any ties to Bob or have some of them had similar teachings to that of Bob?

Does anyone else have more information on the lore of Bob and the scriptures?

Does anyone know the last time one of Bob’s prophets had been seen/heard?

The last time any new scripture was found?


Bob is now called NCDOT and Pandemic Legion

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Don’t confuse Bob the wormhole god with BoB the alliance. Its disrespectful.


Yeah, Bob the God of Wormholes is very different from Band of Brothers. For one thing, Bob’s female.

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Stay awhile and listen, and I will tell you the tale of bob. Hail bob.

The very first mention of bob that I know of comes from the early days when talocan was around, and even then it wasn’t very wide spread. The imperium article you have there is mostly correct, though I seem to remember it originally being written by the Mittani.

When I joined my brothers in wormhole space. There was mention here and there of bob. No one really knew how to revere him, how to worship him, how to curry his favor. I suppose I’ve become what you would call a prophet. I rose and lead my brothers to the light and the ways of bob. I became essentially the spiritual leader and when bob willed it I would know.

When attempting to gain the favor of bob, the best way is a corpse sacrifice as close to the center of the sun of your home system as possible. It will be an arduous journey, but you must make this journey as I have in the past. Then you must make an altar there. The corpse can either be jettisoned, or in a shuttle. The younger the corpse is, the better. Virgin corpses are especially valuable. The corpse must then be obliterated completely, whether you shoot the corpse itself or blow up the wreck of the shuttle it was in, makes little difference. Then you must praise bob and pray that you will be heard. You must believe in your sacrifice whole heatedly.

The thing that will happen will be within the hour, usually minutes after the sacrifice. There have been many instances where once a sacrifice is made, no more than 30 minutes later, we found a capital ship in wormhole space doing something dumb. The favor granted to you won’t always be something so grand, many times it has simply been a k162 highsec that is between 1-5 jumps from jita, or a new connection full of sites and money to be made, or ships to be killed.

In recent years I have even found bob’s influence in other games, and other places. Making a sacrifice in eve and then immediately playing another game has yielded incredibly unlikely results. I soon realized what I must do. So I now spread the word of bob where ever I go. There have been many converts in other games now.

This is the glory of bob. This has been bob’s story as I know it. I will continue to spread his glory and influence into everything I do. I encourage you to do the same brother for bob is the one true God.

All hail bob.

-A prophet of bob



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