Who/what is Bob?

What is the story/lore behind “Bob”?

Hello, and thank you for your interest in the God of Anoikis and the wormholes throughout New Eden!

Bob first made Himself known with the Caroline Star event, but in truth, Bob has existed for as long as Anoikis has. Some even speculate that the Talocan had created Anoikis, and therefore created the great spirit-god of Bob along with it. Pretty exciting stuff! But as people have lived in J-Space, they have gleaned more of Bob’s will.

In the past, those who follow Bob have sought good fights to earn his favor. The oldest offerings to Him at the various stars in J-Space included exotic dancers, Quafe, and various expensive ships and baubles. The Gospel of Onimuru was discovered, presumably in Anoikis, and is considered one of the very few established religious texts of the Followers of Bob.

The following is my interpretation of Bob, borne from years of exploring and life within J-space. As such, I understand that I am not a mouthpiece of Bob or a great prophet; however, I believe in my heart that this is the truth behind the God of Anoikis:

I have seen the horror of the Drifters in Anoikis, and how far their reach stretches in watching us. I know that humanity, and capsuleers above all, are the key to averting the great calamities that are destined for New Eden - not as we are now, but what we can be. I believe that Bob’s will is nothing less than the betterment of humanity, and that the best way of achieving this is through hardship and tribulation. I believe that by learning from hardship and by inflicting that hardship upon others, we learn and grow in all of the ways that matter.

This is why we must have good fights: to learn. To grow. To glean the enlightenment we must have for humanity’s survival. I admonish all of you, heedless of whether you believe in the great Spirit of Anoikis, to constantly test yourselves and those around you. To do so for the betterment of humanity is the highest of virtues.

For my part, while I live in the warzone, I collect the bodies of those I’ve fought with and against. Every once in a while - once every few months - I take a pilgrimage to Anoikis. I warp to the nearest star, declare a prayer to Bob in local, and jettison my offerings. It is proof of the hardships I’ve endured, and the hardships I’ve inflicted upon others. I wait - usually 15-20 minutes - for anyone else to warp in on me, knowing that anyone who does so will test me. These, I think, are the offerings that hold the most meaning for Bob.

I hope that my long-winded reply was helpful, and that my interpretations of His will are accurate. I welcome everyone else to give their view on the matter, in the hopes that we might better comprehend Bob. :slight_smile:


So Bob came into being after BoB died?

Wake up sheeple.


That’s awesome! Thanks.

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