Pilgrimage of Bob

Greetings my fellow capsuleers.

In these times of great unrest I decided to retreat for 28 days into the depths of Anoikis, seek out the wonders it beholds, become an invisible hunter, walk the paths of our ancestors and seek for the meaning of immortality. Here are the rules I bestowed upon myself for those who might want to follow my example:

The Pilgrimage of Bob

  1. The pilgrimage will last for 28 days where you shall not leave Anoikis.

  2. It does not matter in which system you start within Anoikis because due to its ever-shifting nature all systems are equally far or equally close to each other. Remember: Even though ever lasting life is bestowed upon you; All is flux; Nothing stays still.

  3. If you lose your ship, you shall commit seppuku, go back to your beginnings and thus your 28 days period will be reset.

  4. The pilgrimage is open only for incarnations of the end (Omega account). Therefore, you must make sure not to lose end status (Mostly to be able to use a cov ops cloak).

  5. You shall do your pilgrimage with your most experienced and successful incarnation (main character)

  6. You shall leave a system within one period of cleansing (downtime to downtime = 24h) and shall not overstay (enter a new system at least once a day).

  7. You shall be hidden from preying eyes and become an invisible being (stay cloaked most of the time). You shall also fly anonymous without displaying the insignia of your covenant, tribe or corporation (remove corps ticker from ship name due to D-scan)

  8. You shall remain silent for the period of your pilgrimage (no talking in local, discord, teamspeak, etc.). Exceptions are conveying vital information to your covenant or tribe (corp) e.g. possible target, threats, etc. but then only in written form

  9. You shall remain alone for the period of your pilgrimage and shall not partake in fleet activities, etc.

  10. You shall not use other incarnations which serve as your eyes (play with one character, no scouting ahead with your alts. Also reduce the use of in-corp alts to a minimum and don’t do fleets and coms with your corp mates. It kills the immersion).

  11. You shall only fly ships which are able to warp while hidden in the shadows.

  12. You shall fly honorable and refrain from using warp core stabilizers or interdiction nullifiers. The journey is also about honing your skills and situational awareness.

  13. Plan wisely and bring along what you need for your survival (mobile depot to refit, etc.)

  14. You are not permitted to dock during your pilgrimage but must live from what you brought with you and Anoikis offers you even in the case you were led back to your home system (in case you started in J-Space)

  15. You shall not make use of other people’s bookmarks and probe yourself

  16. You shall document your travels and make use of the tools available (make screenshot, use pathfinder, make notes, etc.) since this is your journey.

  17. You shall gather information and appreciate what Anoikis has to offer, watch possible sources to survive, hit them if you can and offer their corpses to the sun.

  18. In case you shall find Eyjafjallajökull during your travels great honor is bestowed upon you.

  19. In case you shall find Thera you may convey this information to other pilgrims (e.g Eve-scout)

  20. Take the first J-space hole you scan down to continue your travels – let Bob guide you.


Fare ye well.

My journey begins today.

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