Solo explorers dedicated to researching Anoikis, 0% Tax, No Wars, No ESI

The Society for the Illumination of Anoikis is a brand new, very small corp for solo players. It features a 0% tax, T1 exploration frigs and Cloaking skill books for new players, and a tentative SRP program for exploration frigates.

The impetus for this corp was the recent update to wormholes. The purpose is to gather like minded people who want to explore and research Anoikis, occasionally discuss their findings, or learn more about exploration in general.

While there are other, more established corporations which do similar things, this corporation is geared towards those that find high levels of organization stifling, do not want to adhere to too many rules, and are fairly solitary.

We have created a spreadsheet to record the current state of Anoikis, which all members are welcome to contribute to, as the primary purpose of the corporation.

If you like exploration, are somewhat introverted, and don’t want to feel pressured to do anything, then this is the corp for you.

There are no requirements for membership, no ESI.

Our only rules are no outside politics or religion, and be nice (to corporation members).

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Still recruiting, looking for people interested in researching Anoikis. Hit up Miles Sagan in game for more info.

Research is kicking off, a tiny corporation becomes small, strangers unite around common interests, join the Society for the Illumination of Anoikis as a founding member!

Still growing, still recruiting.

Still open to membership, all explorers welcome.

We continue to grow and actively seek new recruits, join in the first month as a founding member and help shape our corporation.

Still recruiting, all explorers and those willing to support operations, as we open our first industry division.

Still recruiting solo explorers.

Still recruiting solo explorers to research Anoikis.

Still recruiting explorers looking for a small, no pressure corp.

Still open to solo explorers looking for a corporation to fly under.

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