Introverted Solo Pilots Wanted

Love EVE? Love EVE when you’re free to do whatever you want, whenever you want? Like the backdrop of space only impeded by the silhouette of your own ship? Then Strategic Expeditions might be for you.

I started the corp about a month ago to play solo, and I’d like to open it up to like-minded capsuleers. Fly for yourself. Explore. Talk with corp mates when you want to learn something but otherwise enjoy the sound of your playlist. Alpha clones welcome. Currently a small corp but that shouldn’t matter since you want to fly solo anyway, right?

I’ve done exploration, gas mining, and PvP in lowsec, nullsec, and WH space and it’s been a great ride. Message me in-game if you’re interested. Group ups for PvP and PvE are likely. Timezone Western US.

  • Wolfe
    Owner and CEO of Strategic Expeditions
    Explore. Exploit. Make ISK
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What sort of tax rate does your corp have? If it’s 0%, that’s probably worth mentioning.

It’s set to something arbitrary at the moment since exploration sales aren’t taxed. I’d likely set it to 0% if people start signing up and wanted to PvE.

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