The Exemption - the Corporation free from any obligations and liabilities

:white_small_square: 0.0% tax rate
:white_small_square: No Corp. hangars
:white_small_square: No Structures, Not War Eligible
:white_small_square: No Friendly Fire
:white_small_square: Nothing shared, unless you choose to do so
:white_small_square: Alpha players are welcome :white_check_mark:

Members ARE encouraged to create fleets for: Mining (:tired_face:), Exploration, PVE, PVP, …
Be a pirate, a bounty hunter, or whatever you fancy.

The Exemption provides you with a place to do what you want to do in the sandbox.
Our members are spread out over the EVE Universe, so we are not really a very tight-knit Corp (yet).
Some work together, others are a lone wolf.
You play the game, you make your rules, but remember that EVE is not meant to be played alone.

Oh, did I mention that we have no corp. tax :boom:

o/ Fly safe, or don’t - it’s up to you :smiley:

Conversations only ingame


No offence but you just described all the NPC Corps in Eve :)) minus the tax :slight_smile:

Good luck with recruitment


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