0% Tax , Friendly Players, Null Sec Operations, PVE & PVP

Hi There

Looking for a new Corp. with no hardcore rules and 0% Tax?

N.Space would love you on board to join the fun Eve has to offer, with our own facilities in Null and Offices in High Sec, we offer a solid training programme to new players that want to make they way down to Null for PVP, PVE or mining. We do not request for donations and we do not accept Alt accounts from other Corp’s or Drama Queens (You will be kicked).

We proud to be part of the CAStabouts Alliance and expect all our members to Respect the Alliance.

Your more than welcome to join in the roams that are organised often, and to do so you need to be on voice.

We live and fleet with highly skilled players in various aspects of the game and you can sure you will get the best advice and support.

If this sounds like a Corp you would like to join, please contact Shels or Mav2K.

Look forward to seeing you fly with us o/

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