Solar Exchange - Null - Laid Back, Low Tax

Hello guys,

We are recruiting for our corporation. we’re very laid back and relaxed. we are located in nullsec, and have excellent ore, ice, and rat access.

Corporate Policies
Our corp runs off a small tax percentage (currently at 3%). We generally dont tax out side of that (potentially subject to change depending on corp opinion, and direction on various topics). If the corporation has a need for a project (like our recent station) we fund raise for it.

Corporate Philosophy
We are very laid back. We do not force any style of game ply on anyone. this makes us an excellent option for those wanting to rat, and enjoy that part of eve with out pvp expectations. its our belief, that everyone is a piece of the puzzle and should fill their role accordingly to what they like to do.

we’re very innovative, and are always looking for new ways to prove ourselves, and others.

Voice Software is required: Teamspeak, Discord
ESI Checks will be conducted on joining.
You must socialize with the corp in some way. Fleet with them, or chat.
We’d like all non-pvpers to be on voice, but only encourage it
PvPers are required to be on voice, at least while pvping.

Contact me in game.

Just as a warning, people.

From someone who claims to have 3 trillion ISK, he couldnt spend 5 billion and had to ask for donations.

Be careful before you join. Check his post history, check the criticisms against him.

This has been a public service announcement.

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Laid back is not a good description of the Corps this player runs.

Check his post history in the forum for an idea.

DO NOT join Noori’s Corp. Doing so when end in heartache.

He’s been called out on COUNTLESS lies.
He believes everyone who disagrees with him (everyone) to be a spy/code alt.
He has and will STEAL isk from new players in a form of donations to the corp.
He has kicked people from his corp/alliance simply for not agreeing with him.
The list goes on and on. just look at forum’s history. The guy has some real issues and is no way a stable corp leader. Avoid this corp like the plague! you have been warned

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