Anoikis Outlaws - Fun Null Sec PvP/PvE

ANOIKIS OUTLAWS is a Nullsec corp looking for all kinds of pilots.
We are a friendly group of players who have been together for many years, with varied experience; our members have spent time in all kinds of space. We are currently a small core EU-based group who wish to expand as a community.
We currently live in null sec as part of the alliance “Warped Intentions”.

What we can provide:


  • Small Gangs That Go BOOM in the Night, or giant fights with hundreds in fleet, or thousands in local! Pew pew activities are available on all scales, with good FCs.
  • Corp, and Alliance level ship replacement program for doctrine ships.
  • Corp, Alliance, and coalition provide opportunities to learn and gain experience in FCing - We encourage all members to try their hand at FCing. (Currently have two alliance level FCs in corp)


  • Exploration, Industry, Mining, Ratting: whatever you’re into, we’re into!
  • We build a range of ships regularly, and reward miners with a corp-level ore and salvage buyback program.
  • Alliance structures provide support for a variety of industrial activities, and safety in multiple systems.
  • A system to call our home.


  • Pocket area that we call home to mine
  • A buyback program so you can make isk easier
  • Mining ops so you can bs with the group as we kill roids

What We’re Looking For:

  • Friendly, easy going pilots
  • Pilots who are able to use voice comms when logged in, even if just to listen
  • Pilots who are active in their timezone (would love to add more pilots to all TZs - though we’re mostly EU/UK currently)
  • Willing to share their knowledge and help alliance mates – all members are encouraged to teach one another and collaborate on goals.
  • Able to be somewhat self-sufficient in terms of ISK making

What We Offer:

  • Corp Buyback Scheme
  • Discord for daily corp chat (in and out of game) and Mumble comms for alliance comms
  • Friendly, helpful environment, with a community in and out of game
  • Encourage members to play EVE in a way that makes them happy

Come chat with us in-game in the ‘ANOUT Clubhouse’ channel or reach out to Ev0l Hireling, Bi0mechanic or Valerie Blackblade to start a conversation.


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