Fly It Like You Stole It! - Anoikis Outlaws - EU Null Sec Corp

Anoikis Outlaws [ANOUT]

  • We are a small group looking to re-grow after RL hit a few of our leadership previously.

  • We are currently part of the Imperium, within the alliance “Get Off My Lawn” (based in Delve).

  • We have experienced leadership (we have been in game since 2012)

  • Constant content is available within the alliance and coalition, with corp fleets and solo PvP too.

  • EU Timezone (currently)

Looking for

  • Active members (RL comes first)

  • NO specific skill requirement (though being able to make isk and fly basic doctrine ships will be discussed)

  • Working mic. Must be on comms if online

  • Willing to join in and have fun!

  • “Fly it like you stole it”

Road Map

We have a long history and have lived throughout New Eden. We plan to regain some active members and enjoy the action that null sec sov warfare and small gang PvP offers.

To find out more, join the channel “AO PUB” in game or contact Ev0l Hireling by eve mail.

still looking for more

keep on coming - and don’t be afraid to say “hi”

always looking for more!
Be part of something up and coming!

Keep on coming to say hi! We don’t bite (our recruits :wink: )

we’ve seen great interest so far - keep on coming :slight_smile:

we’ve had some great recruits so far - come join in the fun.

We’re continuing to recruit - looking for more bloodthirsty, fun loving pilots!
Don’t be afraid to come say “hi” in our public channel.

come on down and say hello, people :slight_smile:

more applicants are always welcome :slight_smile:

come say hello - there’s fun to be had, and mischief to be made

come shoot things with us!

weekends are still a good time to come get involved - see you in AO Pub!

See you at the pub, everyone!

there’s always space at the AO PUB

Come down and say hi, if you want to be part of the foundation of something fun! :slight_smile:


come one, come all 0/

Looking for a change in the new year? come have a chat with us and see what we can offer.

come to our public channel and say hello. we’re still looking.