[EVENT] Nebula Pilgrimage

Hello, IGS!

Here’s another event for you all (most of you) this month!
New Eden has a bunch of varied, beautiful nebula and many of us never have the privilege of seeing all of them.
So it’s time to change that!

In this event, we’ll be traveling around the cluster together to see each of New Eden’s 11 nebula.
We’ll be either entering those we can and getting as close as we can to those we can’t. This event is a bit unique as it’ll actually be in space and as such, non-capsuleers can’t really join the party. We’ll travel all around the cluster and even likely take shortcuts through Anoikis (I’ll have at least one scanned down before the start-time). Additionally, we will be moving through high sec systems of all four empires. So if you’re enlisted in a militia or have a bad security status or something, you alone are responsible for not getting shot down by the cops.

We’ll be entering the Domain, Metropolis, Lonetrek, Verge Vendor, Cauldron, Cloud Ring, Ginnungagap, Scalding Pass, and Perrigen Falls nebulae.

We’ll be getting as close as we can to the Jove and Vapor Sea nebulae. You can’t really get inside those so easily, but we can get a nice view of them.


When: Tuesday, August 20th, YC121, at 23:59
Where: Gather at the Tanoo, Tebu Amkhiman Fortizar before setting off around the cluster.
Who: Anyone who is not set red to LUMEN.
Where we are going: High sec, low sec, null sec, Anoikis (for quick travel).
What to fly: Interceptors are best. Cloak and probes recommended. Outside of that, a quick frigate.
Cost: 0 ISK
NOTICE: The event will be filmed and the recording will be available for viewing.

Anyone who wishes to attend, please either express your intent here or drop me a mail.

Thank you!


Well, I’m going to have to pass on this one. Sightseeing tours tend to lose some of their charm when your being shot at.

Well, I get that. I think that with quick frigates and such, it’s not so bad. But I get that it’s a bit of an annoyance.

For what it’s worth, that’s just a small portion of the trip.

Has anyone ever seen a real Nebula? I’m working at that for your enjoyment.

That’s an awesome initiative!
Unfortunately the time and date is not friendly with our consortium, we’ll eagerly wait for the recording!

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'Tis unfortunate that I shant be able to make the date unless one of my meetings is cancelled. If it is, I’ll surely join you! As I can’t, I hope we can make the night up at some point, and I highly encourage everyone who can to participate. If there is one thing most of us share, it is our mutual wonderment at the universe.


Sorry to hear that some of you can’t make it.
I hope many more of you can!

If this run is a success, I’ll probably do a repeat at a different time to let a few more people fly.


Road trip! begins stuffing frigate full of snacks

Some how I see this going to be a huge mob of rookie ships :grinning:

Great idea. It’ll be 2 a.m. for me, so probably not going to join.

Would be nice!

Pretty much, yeah! Looking forward to having you along.

Probably not for the best. I’ll have some fit frigates for people if they need them.

It is always good to stop and appreciate the universe around us. I currently do not have any pressing matters for the date selected, as such I may be able to attend this.

I would like to attend if I may?

You absolutely may!

This is a most excellent idea. As a budding explorer I thank you and Sha’ha’dem for this opportunity to enjoy the cosmic beauty of our cluster. I hope to be there, time permitting.

Unfortunately you have basically advertised a juicy target for interstellar highwaymen. I would heartily encourage people to fit their interceptors or especially frigates accordingly. But the prospect of being shot at shouldn’t dissuade us capsuleers.

It’s basically a tour group. Who knows, with the right incentives, she might even be able to find locals willing to titan-bridge them around from region to region.


If I said something that implied that any ships I hand out wouldn’t be fit properly, I assure you that isn’t the case.

I did also recommend interceptors in the initial post but not everyone can fly one and I’m not excluding those people.

I am also very much expecting to get shot at along the way and will be taking care during the trip and planning for it beforehand.


I was just thinking of people who might bring their own hulls. I was not meaning to doubt your planning.


This might actually come across as a great selling point for some capsuleers.

And for those capsuleers who are new to space or just not combat-inclined, flying in a fleet with better and more eager combat pilots is an excellent way to get firsthand experience in a battle without necessarily dying in it.