[EVENT] Nebula Pilgrimage

You mean to tell me this was not the point to begin with?

But if not, this too.

No, it wasn’t the point to advertise to baddies. I’m just not so scared of the possibility.
We start in high sec and I won’t be releasing the route we’re taking beforehand, so the best way to kill us would be to join the fleet.

Just gotta have a contingency plan to take down anyone I don’t know too well in case they turn on us.

If anyone wants to come after me for some fighting, I’ll be roaming through Anoikis tomorrow night.
Now there’s an advertised target.

The focus will be on avoidance, but it’s totally possibly we might blap something. Ultimately there probably will be some danger and excitement and you’re right, it’s absolutely a selling point!


I like this! The time is quite late for my current biorhythm, but I’ll see how I’ll feel. I would like to know the approximate duration of this pilgrimage.

UPDATE: Pilgrimage today at 0:00 (Okay, I know I said 23:59)!

Staging: Tanoo, Tebu Amkhiman Fortizar.
Available hand out ships: Five (5) T1 Frigates of each empire’s design.
(I still recommend you bring a travel-fit Interceptor if possible).

Hope to see you all there.

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I have arrived in Tanoo already and am looking forward to this fleet. Thank you in advance for running it.

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I am super proud to announce that the Nebula Pilgrimage was totally successful!

We took hundreds and hundreds of images, but I can’t fit them all here, so here’s just one image of each nebula!



Verge Vendor


Cloud Ring

Jove Nebula

Perrigan Falls

Scalding Pass


The Cauldron

Vapor Sea


We got to see a couple of the bizarre system effects in Anoikis too!

I want to thank everyone who joined me on our little trip. It was a whole lot of fun and I plan to do it again!


I got to make it! Thank you for having me, Lyra.


A most glorious and epic journey! I’m so proud we managed to cover so much ground and lose no one to anything but fatigue.

The galaxy is truly a beautiful place.


I could not join this time as I had to sleep, but I’ll try to join next time.


I had an amazing time! Thank you.

P.S. I know there was a local black out, but gosh a lot of null… even spamming D-Scan… is empty!


I was especially impressed with Cloud Ring, though it seems like to appreciate it fully you need to see it both from outside and inside.

Do we have an image from a little outside?


We do, in fact!

You can see more Cloud Ring shots here!

I’ve set up a whole little gallery, in fact!
Anyone who wants to see more of the shots taken by both me and others, please check it out!
Besides two of the four Anoikis shots, all images were taken on last night’s trip (I added a couple Anoikis images from previous Anoikis adventures).


I admit, the CR images make me want to go nose around in O-IVNH a little. It’s the closest we can get to dead center in Cloud Ring.


Good to know! I’ll remember that for the next trip!

I believe our shots from inside the ring were taken in FQ9W-C.

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Next (Event) Pirate pilgrimage :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ll have to host that one yourself.


Was going to go awww… can we see more WH shots? And then I scrolled down and saw the links to MOAR PIX, so nvm… thanks for sharing! ;D

I’ve heard of Cauldron before but didn’t realize it was my fave nebula. I always call it the Kor-Azor nebula, though I think it’s best viewed from Khanid space, and when describing it I say it looks like the painting of Adam and God’s fingers touching on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. :wink:

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but is Vapor Sea visible from Tash-Murkon? Your shot of it looks similar to the white/rosy red nebula you can see from HS Tash-Murkon, only bigger/spread out/different angle, so I’m guessing that’s a shot from nearby lowsec or nullsec or something?


I’m likely going to add more Anoikis photos as I run into the various effects when I’m out and about. I’ll probably add more good pictures of each nebula when I run the event again too.

No idea where that Chapel is or who Adam is, but it sounds great. Cathedrals do often have the most wonderful artwork.

I think Vapor Sea rests between Cache and Satin, sort of. Our shots of it were from Cache.

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