First Annual Praise Bob Day! March 14 at 20:00

Hello capsuleers! Today I bring to you the announcement for the first annual Praise Bob Day, a day where groups of players meet in the system of Kedama and slaughter eachother in the name of Bob! At 20:00 EVE time on March 14th, there will be a massive brawl on the sun in the Kedama system in Black Rise. Everyone is welcome. There are no rules!

While there are no rules we encourage player groups not to camp the entrances to the system so more people can partake in the bloodbath happening in the middle of the solar system. While the fight will start at 20:00 there is no designated end, so feel free to re-ship if you die and get back out there!

Make sure to tell your friends, cya then!

Bob has no eyes nor ears in k-space.

It is the only place where we can all meet brother!

considering the date, will there be pie? If no pie, no participation

Kind of funny since that happens to be my Bday.

Thera should be do-able, though.

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