BOB,ROB and Stan

to start with I have praised BOB for many a fight I have had in my time.
this led me to look into it more and more finding things like this,

After reading this and using some knowledge of the game I have myself could the answer to the long lost question of who is STAN have been answered, is it STAN who provides all the riches and glory for those who grow to be close to BOB and ROB.

My thought process behind this is Goonswarm Federation (grr goons) have always had riches when they are strong yet when they are battered down (WWB) they go into a stage of depression not mental depression but isk depression where they strugle with funds.

Is this all linked and the reality behind it is the larger and stronger you grow as a community the richer you become and the stronger you become maybe this is the doing of STAN.

in adition to this is that why c6 WHs are so lucrative because their is less of them and in order to hold 1 (in theory) should be tougher than holding a wh of lower class they are seen as the pinacle of growth within whs. (even if the wh community dont follow this)

The one and only lord of EvE is BOB! Rob and Stan do not exist.


Rob and Stan deffo exist

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