Propaganda corp recruiting

Propaganda corp is recruiting
What we offer

  • Small scale PVP roams, and blops fleets *Large scale PVP fleets with coalition
  • In general, all sorts of great PVP (including cap and super fleets)
  • Solid SOV space
  • Great ratting systems
  • Really good Infrastructure
  • Experienced leadership
  • Friendly members, always ready to help

What we require

  • Minimun 5 mill SP
  • Only one fleet a month
  • Mature members, minimum age: 18
  • Omega account
  • Full ESI on all characters
  • No drama
  • A working mic, we are active on comms
  • Willingness to train into Coalition doctrine ships

If you want to talk, and say hi, and a recruiter will get in contact propaganda recruiting

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Hi quard, We met in space the other month 23rd July when I had fired up that cyno, then you had 1st evemailed me to ask me about it. Which brings me to ask you three questions here on your thread if I may!

(1) Who are the Coalitions you speak of here.

(2) Full ESI on all characters, what is this for?

(3) Your No drama rule and the Propaganda Corp name, does also mean forum activity?

Thank you in advance if you have time to reply.

Would be willing to pay 1 billion isk a month to rent that moon where we met though really need to Alliance with Frostpacker to bring my alts.

Will not be able to supply ESI of all characters though.

Also Promise that Frostpacker will go silent on the forum dramas though.

Hi sorry been on a retreat for last week so been gone ok moon what type of moon i want to rent coalition is a group of us out here i dont know everyone be easier to contact me in gsme

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Hi hope your adventures are treating you well!

Wanted to reach out to check if you’re still seeking a loyal pilot?

In any case I had received my referral letter from a well established pilot and feel this would be helpful with my application process.

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