Proving of Kybernauts for Glorification in the Flow Unfolds

Oh I am not leaving the forums, or the game, just not giving them money.


eh EDENCOM here, can we nuke this into oblivion with all nukes we have, im not going to prove anything to those fitlhy triangles, unless im put against ppl with positive triglavian standing, something something

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What is most ironic about this is the people who are afraid to sandbox PvP and claim they want this are actually just bad losers.

As soon as one team dominates they will all stop Qing and come to the forums for the next carebear whine:



Getting to read those whines almost makes it worthwhile to not argue against this. But I still have some hope for the game, so I must. Besides, carebears aren’t going to use this feature anyway.

Coming soon: ship duplication licenses! Buy them in packs of 2, 5, or 10, and each one allows you to recreate a copy of your ship and its gear for abyssal arenas!

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ccp makes a change

crybaby cries about thing that won’t influence his gameplay

never change, eve-o forums

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Here’s a peek at the queue.


I never took you for a freeloader - my mistake…

Here’s the thing:

This doesn’t stop anyone roaming who wants to roam.
And it means people who have a short play time available, can get out there and have a quick fun fight.

If you want an unfair fight (in either direction) go roam. These force ‘fair’ fights.


:red_circle: Only because individual like you keep cheering for the most stupid changes the forums can never change. And in good tradition of personalities like you, you keep ignoring that I also applaud good changes. But ignoring that is vital to keep your limited perspective meme narrative alive.



If you want that, go to low sec into a faction warfare plex.

Since when is this a thing? Since when have things to be fair in EVE? This is a really grotesque argument for arenas.

And you keep going with your naive, not thought through argument like that other guy. If you have an easier way to find PVP, you don’t roam. If fewer people roam, other people don’t find targets on their roams. This discourages people from roaming in favor or “quick, fun fights” instead of being in space available for all sorts of encounters and consequences.


If there was a way to spectate random matches that would be pretty cool. Like, when you view the outside while you’re docked in a station but instead it’s a Triglavian camera drone.


can i have your stuff pls?

To add to what Steve was saying?

These will be short and streamable things that might be a wee bit harder to stream-snipe. I see this as a plus to the game and am happy to see it announced. More eyes on the game may lead to more people trying it out.

Oh and loss in the proving grounds have to be supported somehow, no? Industry should be looking at this and licking their lips, what is the next format? What will be the hot ships to take in?



Finally a good reason for CQ! We could watch on the big screen! :grinning:



Wow, what an argument. Steam sniping. The thing that impacts a ton of people and streaming an arena is clearly so amazing.


this would be awesome \o/ and Billboards on roids in space we can watch from our ships


I can empathize with those who see this as iffy, but I’m happy this is on the way:

The trend of all games now is being able to get instant action - EVE’s best stuff takes time to do, and is worth it, but it’s good to have things that players can also chose to just hop on and do right away.

Roams will happen - some people with less time might choose this instead some days, but even then they’re all limited in what they can fly in the proving grounds - based on the event. I do see that it might decrease the number of people roaming, which is another problem itself, but I see the benefits of this content outweighing the pains.

This sort of content really fills a spot for those who don’t have the time day-to-day to go out and seek out EVE’s most notable content - I’ve had many days where I don’t have time to go out and explore, so doing filaments has been great for me at those times, where otherwise I wouldn’t log on on said days (and I know many others who’d admit the same). This new stuff will be yet another way to play EVE, and will certainly help some number of players stay engaged with the game where they wouldn’t be able to if this content wasn’t around.


Battle arena’s? Is nothing in this game sacred for you people at CCP anymore? One of the core elements of EvE is that your actions have influence on the entire eco-system. With another one of these horrific ideas you break down this core element. This is digusting.


How? The problem with attracting new players is the NPE. Not exposure to potential clients.

Since the NPE haven’t been fixed, we’ll just have more people try the game, only to realize it is ■■■■ and then spreading this sentiment to their friends.

Again, adding new “shiny” features wouldn’t be a problem if CCP prioritized improvements to established systems as well. They don’t.


I assume that you are being sarcastic (dammit we need a sarcasm font)

Eyes and engagement and an easily definable hook may bring players into the game. Simple as that.