PTU Recruitment- looking for Pilots

PTU Is recruiting again!

We are a small Alliance looking to grow along with our alliance of friends that have been friends with each other for a long time. We have been friends before we started to play eve and we are inviting other people into that family now. We understand real life comes first but at the same time we have goals and we want driven players to join our ranks.

What you can expect from us.

Who we are looking for.
PVP pilots
Industrial pilots.

Alpha friendly
SRP-(Ship replacement Program)
Twice weekly roams and constant roams with our friendly counter parts.
tones of Debates on random things.
friendly group that will treat you respectfully.
A real life comes first Approach.
A good learning environment for new players.
A Chance to rise in the ranks unlike the mega corporations.

Things you need to join.
Full API key.
A positive attitude
A form below filled out.
A wiliness to grow and help out the corps and the alliance.

If you would like to join just fill out this form and send to
Cyro Zelbore for review.

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