Public Enemies CO Official Recruitment Ad

Public Enemies CO is looking for motivated and open minded industrialists to become huge under the Imperium!
• you don’t mind at least 1 fleet participation per month
• you’re okay with setting up services like Mumble and Jabber as well as adding all your characters with full ESI

We offer:

• safety under the Imperium umbrella - you’ll be a part of the LAWN Alliance in the Imperium Coalition
• huge possible profits vom mining, manufacturing and ratting (you can rat/mine anywhere)
• Multiple Structures in our main system, full buy back programs and SRP for Alliance Fleets
• veterans in industry and mining, as well as experienced PvPers
• a friendly, chill and small community among the LAWN Alliance.

Join our Pub in game: Public Enemies Lobby
or contact GallacticostaR Stevens/Kate Stevens directly.

Recruiting is Open!

Recruitment is still Open.

Recruitment is still Open.

Bump, Recruitment is still Open.

Recruitment is Open. Bump

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