Pulling Minimum Price Market Data

So I managed to walk my way through the tutorial on this page https://web.archive.org/web/20190310221844/https://wiki.zansha.space/index.php/SSO_Authentication_in_Microsoft_Power_Query for pulling market data into excel. I managed to get it working with the modern links and such but then I realized that the market data is pulling every single order from a station.

This is why there are 43 pages, each capped at 1,000 orders. I really am only after the minimum sell price for each item. Is there a different link I can use to pull this data or do I need to pull all 43 pages and then figure out the minimum sell price sorting through all of the data?

You’d be better off using a pre aggregated API, like https://market.fuzzwork.co.uk/api/.

Problem is that only works for public stations which I am not dealing with. I am dealing with a very large market hub in a private citadel.

Ah, then in that case you’ll just have to manually do that aggregation based on all the orders.