Importing Data into a spreadsheet

I may be (probably) am biting off way more than I can chew here but here goes.

After a couple of posts elsewhere it would seem that I need to pull some data into a spreadsheet for my trading needs. I already have an excel sheet that someone made for me that pulls in buy and sell prices but that person is not answering emails so I assume they are not logging in at the moment/ever again.

I have absolutely zero knowledge of doing this. I’ve looked at Fuzzworks site and I am sure that the info is good, but to me it is made for people with knowledge. so my question is this. Is there a site that speaks in layman’s terms and assume no knowledge on how to pull data into a spreadsheet.

Also is there a site that shows me the lists on commands possible.

if this amazingly hard and I end up throwing my toys out of my pram can you recommend someone to do it (either adjust my existing spreadsheet or create a new one)

many thanks

In saying all the above i found this!/Market/get_markets_region_id_orders and i was looking for something to pull a median price over a period of time, but it doesnt seem to allow for that, can you use this API/ESI/whateveritscalled to pull median price data into a spreadsheet.?

What is the easiest way I can find the median price for any given item over different time periods (say 1 week, 1 month and 3 months)

Even more edits:
still thinking about this and is data actually able to be pulled on historical pricing. ie can it show me a median sell price (not including those sold to buy orders) over 1 month.

or will it only show me the median price of all the items CURRENTLY on the market.

its all very confusing.

The endpoint you linked just returns all orders within a region at the time of the request. You could use, which is the data behind the history tab in game.

Easiest way would be to setup then type =markets_region_history(10000002, 34) into a cell to get the data. However as you can probably see this only works for a single type_id at a time. Depending on the scale you’re working on, Google Sheets might not be the best idea since it has a limit on the number of HTTP requests you can make per day.

Feel free to hope in the GESI discord server, is a #dev channel for general ESI/development conversation.

Another option is you only care about the current median price for a bunch of items would be to use the Fuzz market API in sheets.

* Query's Fuzz market API for the given types
* @param {range} A vertical range of type_ids.
* @return maxBuy and minSell for each type_id
* @customfunction
function fuzzApiPriceData(type_ids) {
  if (!type_ids) throw 'type_ids is required';
  var type_ids = Array.isArray(type_ids) ? { return id[0]; }) : [type_ids];
  var fuzz_price_data = JSON.parse(UrlFetchApp.fetch("" + type_ids.join(',')));
  return [['minSell', 'maxBuy']].concat( { return [parseFloat(fuzz_price_data[type_id]['sell']['min']), parseFloat(fuzz_price_data[type_id]['buy']['max'])]; }));

Could add this to your script editor, then use it like =fuzzApiPriceData(A1:A500), where A1:A500 is a vertical range of the type_ids you want data for. Currently its setup for minSell and maxBuy, but it could be edited to return something else based on the data that’s available from his api,

The Fuzz API is more request friendly, as you can get multiple types per request, but just know his API updates every 30min, vs ESI which updates every 5min.

thanks blacksmoke ill have a look at those links and that info and try to make some sense of it.

i got the basic example working in GESI but the rest of it ive no idea what im even looking at, ill need to pay someone to do it for me

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