Pulling PI Launchpad Contents

I was hoping to pull the contents of launchpads or storage facilities from PI planets by calling Eve…Character.Planet(). I can get there with a filter function, on the full name of the launchpad, ie “Barren Launchpad.” But, I’d like to make it work regardless of planet type.

I figure there is bound to be a way to do it by just looking for the string “Launchpad”, but it doesn’t work with the excel filter function and I haven’t found a working solution. I suppose that I could do some elaborate function to get the planet type and use CONCAT() to construct the Filter parameter, but surely there is a simpler way. Any ideas?

While I’m at it, I’d like to be able to count the number of facilities by type to create a table of facilities on a planet in one column, with the number of that type of faculty on the planet. Anyone figured out a workable way to do that?

For the launchpad filter, you can try to target the .type card of each facility and map it against the .group_id of launchpads.

Where C5 is a planet .pins array
=FILTER(C5,C5.type.group_id = 1030)

For the second part nothing comes immediately to mind, some sort of a count + unique filter?
I’ll atleast think about it and maybe a showerthought will appear with the solution :pray: