Punishing Traders

My war has begun. :wink:

If you think you’re going to undercut everyone by putting a buy order at a loss of -0.5%…while because of your excellent standings and lvl V skills you might make 1% off it or something, I’m just going to keep 1 unit buy orders right in front of you.

Always … endlessly … till the end of time :wink:

Traders when their market items aren’t at the very top of the list…


Not at all, But this isn’t about that.

This is about blockers, who close the margin to something extremely low on a large-quantity order.

They are pests, maybe even retards. Not sure…but a fool and their money are soon parted.

punishing traders? more like punishing bads

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Well, one of the things I sometimes used to do was to intentionally drive down the prices of something, in order to force competitors to either make stupid mistakes or to get out. I’ve even had guys get so frustrated with me, that they ended up listing their items below my production costs. So, I’d buy up the stack, and then relist back at my normal price. Other times, they might not go low enough for me to want to buy up all of their stuff, so I’d park an order .01 cent above theirs (forcing them to sell their stuff for cheap), and then as soon as their order runs out, I’d adjust my prices back up to a normal price. Typically, this would make them think that selling that item isn’t worth it, so they’d move on. :smiling_imp:


I see a lot of this that must be just simple mistakes (sell vs. buy)?

Right now I’ve been practicing buying out low-sellers to relist, even though at an initial loss to me, I keep the price of that market higher.

Yeah, I’ve only seen ONE of the 20 items I’m tracking right now, where this method is working well.

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