[Pure Blind/Venal] Viper-Squad . Old Sch00l . EUTZ PVP


(ocsta) #1

Viper-Squad Corporation.
Old Sch00l Alliance.
Our own content creators, not a part of any large coalition.
Primarily EUTZ PVP oriented corporation founded in 2006.


  • Our corporation is now recruiting a few likeminded and active bros who are looking for a change, be it either a new group to get along with, new region to live in or a different game aproach.

We are a small group of real life friends who have been playing eve together for almost a decade, with breaks and come backs.We have done it all, from null sec and low sec up to wormholes and Thera.From small scale pvp shenanigans up to large fleet battles, so we know our ■■■■, what needs to be done and how to get there.Octomber 2018 brings us back to where it all started more than 10 years ago: Northern regions.

Located in null sec: Pure Blind / Venal ( CONTENT RICH )
Small gang roams / gate camps.
Fleet warfare / strat ops - NO TIDIs.
Black Ops drops - Capital engagements.
Stable home with a crazy bunch of dudes, engaged in improving their gameplay and enjoying every piece of it as much as they can.
Active leadership with decent fc’s.
And finally, access to every PVE opportunity that a region has to offer to it’s residents.

  • You need to be selfsuficient and have knowledge about null security space.
  • We require basic game mechanics knowledge.
  • Competent pilot with a decent combat background.
  • Participation.
  • T3 cruisers capable.
  • Capitals/Blackops pilot ( or capable alt )

Contacts: OCSTA via evemail if not online or discord.
Ingame channel: Viper-Squad Public
Discord: http://discord.gg/uEcUZXv

VSQ Corporation Killboard.

154M SP Pure Combat Pilot looking for a home
Returning player looking for corp
Looking for small scale PvP within the Null Blocs
Old eve player with 4 characters looking for a home
Injecting pilot looking to join PVP corp. EU TZ, Discord, no sov, small gang
Close please
Vet Loooking for a PVP Corp
141 mil SP char looking for new home
200m SP looking for forever home
44m - returning pilot LF active corp
127 mil SP Bittervet, Make me love Eve again
50mil sp char looking for a pvp corp
94 MIL SP with alts Looking to return to eve and null sec life
135Mill SP Looking for 0.0 pvp corp
130 mil sp PVPer with 35 mil alt returning player looking for a home
77m SP Returning member LF pvp corp
106m xp 98% PvP pilot returing USTZ (closed)
4 toons 1 main 0.0 cap corp
70m sp pvp pilot looking for new home in k-space
70m SP Returner looking for nullsec PVP
42 mil sp pilot LF Corp
5 Characters 110m SP, Cap pilots Looking for a Home
LF EU TZ Micro Gang corp
Looking for Corp (40m SP, Null PvP)
Returning PvPer looking for new corp [EU TZ]
Euro tz pvper looking for corp
~44m SP Booty Bandit looking for new friends
Returning Player 90mil SP (EUTZ) looking for a PvP/PvE corp
Looking for a PvP centric corp
Returning player 2 toons 40 mil sp each
Here I am again!
114 million sp pvp dudeman looking for corp -- USTZ
Two 60mill SP toons on final search for fun corps
152M skill point Pvp focused pilot looking for corp
EUTZ Player seeking a new home [LS][NS]
140m SP, UK Player looking for new 0.0 Home
Returning Vet Looking for Home
Returning Player 125msp Caps etc
94+mln SP pilot, looking to join an Alliance in Null sector
Old Pilot, looking for a good corp
Looking for non-imperium corp
63M SP Player returning after hiatus--looking for corp
100MIL+ SP Player Entertaining Corp Suggestions (Null + Industry + PVP)
31Mil Sp Character looking for null sec corp
Looking for Active Corp // 2 character 49M sp
175M SP PVP Toon looking for a new home within US Timezone
Returning player 47m sp looking for PVP
90M SP player looking for corp
PVP Player looking for a corp
Returning player, 92/90 mil SP, looking for mid-large sized null or WH corp
Coming back to eve
31 Mil SP Pilot Seeking Home
Veterans looking for a new home (found a home!)
(ocsta) #2

Recruiting eutz pvp oriented pilots.

(ocsta) #3

All of the above.

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Recruiting eutz pvp oriented pilots.

(ocsta) #5

Recruiting eutz pvp oriented pilots.

(ocsta) #6

Recruiting eutz pvp oriented pilots.

(ocsta) #7

Recruiting is still open for likeminded pilots.

(ocsta) #8

Still recruiting.

(ocsta) #9

Recruiting eutz pvp oriented pilots.

(ocsta) #10

Recruiting eutz pvp oriented pilots.

(ocsta) #11

Recruiting eutz pvp oriented pilots.

(ocsta) #12

Still recruiting.

(ocsta) #13

Still recruiting.

(ocsta) #14

Still recruiting.

(ocsta) #15

Recruitment is open.

(ocsta) #16

As the topic sais, come take it while it’s hot!

(ocsta) #17

Recruitment process still open.

(ocsta) #18

Still recruiting.

(ocsta) #19

Still recruiting.

(ocsta) #20

Still recruiting.