Pure Pvp 230 Mill Sp Char Looking for NullSec Action

Looking to join UK/EU tz Corp Alliance. Not much I can’t do in eve, All skills trained to lvl 5 in pure pvp. Wanting a corp that that does roams as well as large Alliance fleets just like the good old LV days. Alliance has to be a well established which like mass fights. Ill be honest will have a bit to learn has I have only got back into the game a few months ago, from having a long break.

let me know if you think I might be off any ggod

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We are recruiting for Null Sec… Industy, Pvp, PvE… full ADM’s - all TZ’s… digital family. Vow of Vengeance. Come have a conversation with us! :wink:



If you’ve got that many SP then you might just remember the name of MASS. We recently reformed the corp a year ago from some old original members and some other guys from the old Stain Alliance.

If you fancy flying with us in MC, then take a look at our thread and get in touch if you’d like to discuss joining us further.



Wild.Hunt Alliance is kicking open its doors to corporations and individuals!

What/Who/Where Are We?
We are community first and a PVP alliance second.
We hold SOV NULL in the beautiful region of Fountain.
We actively aim to maintain incomes and content for our members,
and leadership works to maintain transparency, minimizing under the table rub and tug.
We are an alliance member of the Heathens coalition, other members include Iron Armada and Feign Disorder; both of which are also PVP communities.

What Do We Offer?

  • Upgraded SOV NULL
  • Low Taxes
  • Hands On Leadership
  • Regular Small Gang Roams and Large Scale Fleets
  • A Short Blue List
  • Funloving Community

What Do We Ask?

  • Utilize The Space We Fight For!
  • Fight For The Space We Utilize!
  • Follow Corporation and Alliance CoD!
  • Contribute To The Community
  • Train Into and Fly Our Doctrines
  • TS3/Discord

Newer bros ( & alphas ) are welcome, we will train you and teach you how to enjoy EVE. Understand that upon joining, you will enter a probationary membership period, corporation CEOs will lift this at their own discretion. Understand also that we are primarily an omega community, we aim for all members to become omega.

Member Corporations Include:

  • The Cwn Annwn
  • Gods -n- Monsters
  • Nihil Ad Abyssi
  • Creative Winning I.N.C
  • Lagese Smuggling Co
  • Laughing Jackass
  • The Last Void

Join our alliance discord ( linked below ) and introduce yourself!

Give faction warfare a go:

Hey hey!

Come take a look at No Fixed Abode, we’re part of SLYCE and as such GotG.

We’re up in Deklein and can offer PvP through the alliance across all TZ’s.

Join channel No Fixed Channel or message me in game for more :slight_smile:

Acid o7

Come and join [RIOT.]

We are a nullsec PVP corp and we are recruiting!

I link our recruitment details below. It’d be great to have you!

We have regular roams and we are mostly EU and US. The link below will give you a full description. Speak to Wishdokkta CEO for EU and Undeadenemy for US.

hey have a look at our post we should be able to offer you what youre looking for ! :slight_smile:
*** COMPLY OR DIE - VETERAN 0.0 PVP CORP EST 2006 - Looking for good pilots***

join or channel : Comply or Die

Yamagata Syndicate are looking for pilots like yourself.

YS want to expand our player base and gather a solid core of pilots to help bolster our place in Eve. We are a member of Darkness alliance based in Deklein.

YS is looking for people who will “fit in” to our corporation and form new friendships. We have a fairly relaxed and mature player base. We expect members to show respect to their fellow corporation and allied pilots, and have a general good attitude towards the eve community as a whole.

We offer:

★ Nullsec
★ Ship Replacement Program
★ Frequent PvP fleets
★ Blackops
★ Small fleet roams
★ Massive fleet battles
★ High end ratting and mining
★ Industrial support
★ A great community with experienced pilots willing to help


★ Maturity
★ Team player
★ Voice comms (Teamspeak)

Send Nakito Kobara or Dawnbreaker Okaski a mail and join channel “Yamagata Syndicate” if your interested.

Hi there

We are a very active indy/combat corp - currently looking for experienced pvp/capital & indy pilots. We have monthly incentives, 15% discount on hulls for members and lots of content options across the board.

come to ‘‘UGI Public’’ for a chat

Hello, LoganFire!

If there’s not much you can’t do, then you need the space to do it. We have it.

Mine, rat, explore, produce… you can do pretty much everything in Delve, even join cap fleets, if you have the skills. There are fleets around the clock and a lot of people to interact with.

Ask us any questions in our recruitment channel.

I think we’d be a good fit but we’re not a null corp but kind of are in that we have a null sec static, check us out! ODINs OFOC C2 C5/Null sec Wormhole corp

The most cancerous corporation ever

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