Pure Trig Pilot 25-35 Mil SP Interest

I have a few pure Trig trained chars and I am interetested to know if people would pay well for them or not? I have been using them to kil structures and things but want to repurpose some if the isk as I dont need 6 Leshak Chars. All have T2 Guns/ Spec Skills/ and decent or near perfect support skills.

Would people be interested in a Char like that?

They are all pretty similar to this one or better

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/st0n3r_pvp PW is 12345

Post here or evemail me as I am away from the PC. I would have 2 or 3 to sell if the isk is there. Thanks!

18 b/o

For 27 mil sp… Your high thats less then extractor cost. Do I have any non troll interest in chars like this

I’d offer 22.5B

23b b/o

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