[PVE][PVP[Indy][Null] School Of Hard Naps-Shadow Ultimatum Alliance

School of Hard Naps, A proud member of Shadow Ultimatum Alliance

–Primarily industrial based but we can put our teeth in when needed—

:diamonds:Looking for new and seasoned pilots to fill the ranks.:diamonds:

:diamonds: Installed in NullSec (Sov Alliance) in Cloud Ring
:diamonds: Ore/Mission loot buy program
:diamonds: Present in High Sec And Null Sec
:diamonds: Mining / Moons, Sites, PVP, Ratting, Exploration, Industry
:diamonds: Great Alliance to be a part of with Several Blue Alliances.
:diamonds: Mature group, without dramas, all in a friendly atmosphere
:diamonds: We are looking for pilots of all specialties, newbies and experienced
:diamonds: Training provided For new bro’s
:diamonds: We operate on EU/US time zones
:diamonds: Kill board is not important to us. Having fun is.

If you are interested you can join us in game at “School of hard naps Recruitment”
No question is a dumb one.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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