Sleep Deprivation Service - Null Sec PVP and Indy [BRAVE]

Sleep Deprivation Service
(Brave Collective)

We’re Sleep Deprivation Service - a new-player friendly corporation with a heavy emphasis on not sleeping. Our goal is to be a place where both new and veteran players can improve and learn in an environment that is never short on content.
Whether it’s your ship or your enemy’s, we’ll make sure something blows up.
We’re a Combat engineering corp meaning we build stuff then go out and get it blown up while filling our wallets!

Basic Requirements:

  • Mumble and Discord/Slack
  • Fluent English
  • Full ESI/API check
  • Have a team player mindset

Looking for capsuleers interested in:

  • PvP
  • Industry
  • Mining
  • PvE
  • Being part of a chill environment

Operating in:

  • Null sec
  • Low sec

What we offer:

  • SOV ratting and mining
  • New Pilot Friendly environment
  • Care package for new players
  • Industry and PvP Activities
  • Corp Blueprints
  • Ship Reimbursement Program
  • Ore Buyback
  • Hauling Service
  • PvP / PvE training and advice (Sub-caps to Capitals)


  • EU
  • US
  • SEA

Useful links:

Interested or have questions? Check out our in-game channel! ( SDS Recruiting )

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Most active times are EU and SEA (EU Late evenings is most active)

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