Sleep Deprivation Service - Sleep Reapers Alliance - Null Sov - PVP, Indy, PVE

We’re Sleep Deprivation Service - a friendly corporation with a heavy emphasis on not sleeping. Our goal is to be a place where both new and veteran players can improve and learn in an environment that is never short on content.
Whether it’s your ship or your enemy’s, we’ll make sure something blows up.
We’re a Combat engineering corp meaning we build stuff then go out and get it blown up while filling our wallets!

Also recruiting corps to our alliance - Be part of history!

Basic Requirements:

Team Speak / Discord
Fluent English
Full ESI/API check alts included
Have a team player mindset
Min 5 mill sp

Looking for capsuleers interested in:

Being part of a chill environment

Operating in:

Null sec

What we offer:

SOV ratting and mining
Industry and PvP Activities
Corp Blueprints
Hauling Service
PvP / PvE training and advice (Sub-caps to Capitals)
Player owned structures to use and manage



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I need sleep… meh. What’s one more fight!

Bonsoir Malron Raerlin

Désolé pour le dérangement quand même on pourrait j’aimerais bien vous parler si vous plait quand même est ce que vous recruter dans vôtre corporation et alliance et est se que vous parlez en anglais ou français . Et je me présente je suis Adams Kev sa fait 6ans que je joue a Eve online et j’ai un problème avec mon pc portable je peux pas y jouer à Eve online donc voilà eu j’ai des difficultés à mes exprimé et parfois même j’ai un problème d’un handicap si vous saviez des questions n’hésite pas sûr tout quand même j’ai un discord sais Adams Kev #4152 et mon activité sais PVE et pvp et fabrication des vaisseaux et de explorations et je vous souhaite une bonne soirée et à très bientôt quand-même et se verrait un jour quand je reviens drais sur EVE

Hello Adams Kev

We are an English speaking corp / alliance.

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Hello are you recruiting from yourselves

Sorry I don’t know what you mean by that…?

do you recruit in your corporation and alliance

Ohh yes, our corporation is recruiting capsuleers and our alliance is recruiting corporations.

it doesn’t bother you at all if I try to speak a little English

How is your comprehension? We would need you to be able to understand FC commands during fleets. You wouldn’t need to speak but if you’ll struggle to understand English quickly when needed then maybe you should look for a French speaking corp?

I speak French but I try to speak English

I think it would be better if you look for a French corp, there is a French recruitment forum here Recrutement - EVE Online Forums

Bump, come for the cake stay for the booty!

Plenty of booty available! Come get your booty!

Bumping. join us, its GREAT

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Looking to holiday in the south? Want to skirmish, mine, rat, chat, meme?

We’ve got you covered. Apply now at your nearest Sleep Deprivation Service office!

Bump, today’s special is Brisket Mac and Cheese.

To the top!

Recruitment is still open.

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