Brave Collective are recruiting Players and Corporations

Take a different path, join Brave Collective today.

Brave are different. We’re a large independent alliance that chooses to place fun and a sense of community above space politics. Our people and corporations are with us to enjoy playing eve without the space politics or feeling like they’re being used as pawns in a game of 3D space chess.

You can choose how you play eve, how often you play, and how you spend your time in game.

We were the original newbie alliance but we grew up. Brave today has people of all skill levels, from day 1 newbie to end game veteran and across all careers.

The Benefits of Joining Brave:

  • A community of committed and truly helpful players
  • A friendly non-toxic environment amongst classy people
  • Loads of content from people that seek us out for fair and balanced fun
  • Access to a nice sized chunk of Null Sec space
  • No massive blue donut for several regions in either direction
  • Comprehensive infrastructure
  • Plenty of Special Interest Groups for those that want to specialize
  • Lots of help for new and experienced players alike through our Dojo program
  • A ship replacement program for sub-caps and capitals
  • A moon rental program
  • A great FC team that run inclusive fleets and know how to get the most out of our members
  • Not being afraid to lead your life in Eve, knowing that your alliance has your back
  • Access to our shared recruitment Discord

How I join?

You can join our recruitment discord at Brave Diplo + Recruitment and talk to us:

You can check out our list of corporations to join as a player here: About the Brave Collective [Brave Collective]

Corporations can get more information at: Information for Corporations Looking for an Alliance [Brave Collective]


We’re still looking for all of your amazing corporations :slight_smile:

Individuals are also welcome to join one of our existing corporations.

Amazing content awaits your corporation, or indeed you

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We cover all eve careers at all skill levels from day 1 newbie to OG vets. We also have a presence in Null, Low and High sec and wormholes.

Today’s corporations in the spotlight:

Brave Newbies Inc. (BNI)

One of Brave Collective’s founders, BNI is a corporation that specialises in helping newer players, as well as older players that prefer to keep to a more general career path rather than specialise.

With a friendly and helpful outlook and lots of similar players at a similar place on the learning curve as BNI is an ideal place for those seeking to make the most of their first steps in Eve.

Check out BNI at Brave Newbies Inc. [Brave Collective]



Formed to offer next step for Brave’s Collective’s members Incredible focusses on providing support for mid to end game players. While focussed on PvP Incredible also nurtures those in PvP supporting roles such as combat logisitcs, forward production, sov warfare.

Check out Incredible at: Incredible (PvP, Mentoring, Mid-Game, End-Game) [Brave Collective]

Todays Spotlight Corporations:

Galactic Deep Space Industries

GDSI are a group who love to get involved in everything Eve has to offer. We love a bit of pvp, gatecamping, roaming and yoloing our ships for shits and giggles, but also we enjoy sitting back, firing up the mining lasers and having a cold brew.

Check out GDSI at Galactic Deep Space Industries [Brave Collective]

Council of Exiles

Council Of Exiles give guidance to new pilots, beginning their stories with a community that wanted them to succeed. We are committed to helping new pilots find their place in EVE by providing knowledge, infrastructure, growth opportunities and comradery amongst likeminded pilots.

Check out Council of Exiles at Council of Exiles [Brave Collective]