NOOB looking for a corp

I have a low SP character, and I would like to join some HISEC or LOWSEC pirate or faction warfare group.
My idea is to tag around in T1 frigate or so.
I have already contacted a few corporations, but was turn down because of lack of skillpoints and so.
So if there is some corporation willing to take me in, please let me know here in comments, who should I contact.
Another thing I would like to try is flying Abbys in frigates, or destroyers, of course not the difficult ones.
If anyone is interested in this, let me please know too.


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Easily fixed by buying skilpoints

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I would recommend Bravecollective.
we are a nullsec alliance with alot of content in our territory and also enough pvp content.
Doesnt matter if you are a miner,pve´r explorer… you can find what youre looking for in Brave.
we dont have a skillpoint minimum the only thing you need is mumble,slack and discord
(mumble for vc,discord for second vc (incase mumble dont work) and slack for communications and announcing of fleets) seems complicated but really isnt : )

You Are Welcome Come Join Us!

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Hey brother come join Imperium Technologies we can show you whatever you need. Low skill point dont worry. I will show you how to make more isk then you can think of in high sec. I sent you a in game mail hit me up i look foward to hear from you.

my Corp the dragon wariors would love to have you

I am a poor sucker real life.
Plus I played a lot of other MMO where I spent a lot of money, only to figure out, that the game died, plus the company running the game made fools of their customers.
Thank you, but not interested.

Anyway, Thank you all for your offers.

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