Brave Newbies, Inc. is recruiting!

7o, Capsuleers!

Brave Newbies is a place for all players, whether you started playing yesterday, or a decade ago. By following a simple set of rules, that is to Be Brave, Stay Classy, and Have Fun, Brave Newbies has created an environment where everyone is welcome to play, and most importantly, have fun. Currently based out of Pure Blind.

Spanning all timezones, you’ll be able experience any playstyle you desire, with the added benefits of guaranteed fun, no matter what you do! We don’t take EvE too seriously, so if this sounds like a place for you, feel free to apply! We’ll welcome you in with open arms.

We Offer:

For newbros:

Free PvP, PvE, and mining ships to newbros

Free and reduced price skillbooks

Dozens of classes teaching you the basics, as well as more advanced topics, of EvE.

A groundbreaking “Dojo” program which has given thousands of capsuleers acoss New Eden a kickstart in EvE life

Free BPCs and PI Command Centers to start out in industry

Thousands of friends who can help and support the beginning of your journey in EvE


Large-scale fleet fights

Frequent standing fleet PvP

Fleet 101 classes and more!

Brave Bucks, earn isk for kills!

A SRP (Ship Replacement Program) for fleet operations

Numerous SIGs, such as black ops.


Guristas Ratting

Moon Ming



Several buybacks, offering competitive rates on loot, minerals, goo and more!

Affordable freight services to and from Highsec, Lowsec, and Nullsec

Industry grade web-infrastructure, Slack, Discord, and Mumble


Have a pulse

Have a computer

Have an EvE account.

How to join:

Follow the simple instructions on our Wiki Page: How to Apply to Brave [Brave Collective]

Then apply on:




Killboard: Brave Newbies Inc. | Corporation | zKillboard

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