Brave Collective (Imperium) is recruiting corporations



Brave has a long history in Eve, always there, helping write the stories that make Eve what it is. We’ve spent years building one of the most respected alliances while staying true to our roots, being a classy and fun place to be.

Founded on the premise of helping newbies thrive, here we are some 11 years later a mature and well-balanced alliance with pilots of all skill levels.


  • Access to a massive chunk of null sec, both our space and The Imperiums
  • Great infrastructure
  • A comprehensive alliance SRP program
  • Access to alliance moons
  • Moon rental, both corporate and individual
  • Plenty of roaming content
  • A friendly thriving community
  • Hundreds of players online at any given time
  • Lots of support for players of all skill levels
  • Open contact and conversation between corp and alliance leadership
  • Minimal common sense based rules

Let’s face it, we offer everything that you would expect from a mature, well set up Null Sec alliance and more.


We’re recruiting healthy vibrant corporations looking to join one of Eve’s oldest and most respected alliances.

We’re looking for:

  • Active corporations covering the full PvE and PvP spectrum
  • A minimum of 20 active heatbeats (people)
  • A want to contribute your vibrant culture and identity to our own


Click for more more information (Brave’s Wiki)

Join our recruitment discord to talk to us


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