Incredible [Brave] [Imperium] :: Top 10 PvP Corp looking for selected recruits

Incredible are a high end PvP corp currently recruiting Mid to End game pilots across all timezones.We’re not going to sell you a vision of where everything is handed to you on a plate. Being in Incredible is not for the faint of heart, life is challenging and most definitely interesting. If you’re after easy mode Eve we wish you luck wherever you end up. If you’re up for a challenge and not afraid to undock, fight and fight hard then you’ve come to the right corp.We have a proven track record in PvP and have been at the forefront leading the charge in fleets fighting many recent wars. Our little corner of space in nul sec also attracts a good amount of content. There is as much regular PvP content as you are ever going to want.Incredible has an alliance first mindset born out of our status as an entirely loyal and alliance owned corporation…Join us, join Brave Collective, join The Imperium. Write your name across the stars in the blood of our enemies and be a part of the long and storied history of Eve Online.We offer:

  • Access to Brave’s Nul Sec space
  • Support and advice from end game pilots
  • Alliance SRP for all alliance organized fleets (including fun fleets / roams)
  • A good selection of Special Interest Groups
  • Access to Imperium wide initiatives and fleets
  • Buyback Programs
  • Jump freighter and other logistics and procurement services
  • Access to full industry infrastructure
  • Access to corporate and alliance moon mining
  • Access to corporate wormhole
  • Handouts for your first few fleets as an FC

We require:

  • At least 20 million plus skill points (the majority not injected)

  • Attention to the Magic 14 skills (At least level IV, preferably level V)

  • A patient and methodical approach to training

  • learning to fly ships well not lots of ships badly

  • Omega clone status on at least your main account

  • ESI registration for all characters on Brave Core and Imperium Auth

  • Use of Brave’s slack for text communication

  • Use of Brave’s mumble for voice communications

  • Your participation in home defense and alliance fleets (no paps)

  • Financial independence

In addition Super and Titan pilots require fax alts on separate Omega accounts, 1 for supers, 2 for Titans.

Contact me in game or join the in game channel, “Join Incredible.” or
To join simply head over to the Brave Collective Core Services Website. >>

Click on the Log In button and Login with your MAIN.

On the homepage, for ALL of your alts, click the link under “Add your other characters by logging in with EVE SSO.” and login with your alt(s). 3.If your alt is on a different account, click “Switch User” and login with your other account. Failing to add ALL your characters to your Brave Core Account will greatly increase the amount of time it takes to process your application. Please be sure you have added ALL your characters before continuing to the final steps!

Log into Our Recruitment Website. >>

Wait to be accepted.

How Will You Know You Are Accepted ? Upon successful ESI check and Interview, if you have been accepted we will send you an in-game invite to join.


Question on the matter of ESI requirements!

Exactly how important is that requirement?

Frostpacker had just been asked today about joining Brave.

We seem to believe that ESI is not required for Frostpacker as we are not like other pilots who try to hide behind other names.

Our goals had always been to destroy Horde along with seeking training from various pirates.

ESI is a requirement of the application process for all of Brave corps

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My reference letter supersedes all ESI related requirements though.

/space credits is earned not shown on old documents.

@Aiko_Danuja wrote my referral letter and no other pilot holds a higher standard of approval on New Eden

Still waiting to see if your Brave enough to accept Frostpacker in your Alliance without some ESI access

All recruits have to have a full esi check without exception, I mean why wouldnt you want one done? Also I am unaware who Aiko_Danuja

I fully endorse this corporation as a loyal and valued member of Brave :slight_smile:

I mean, yes, I’m Brave Leadership but I might be a little biased as I’m also the corp CEO :smiley:

Well our Princess had never asked for any silly ESI all frosty did was show his Princess his RL Bank Account the night he had the privilege to stay inside the Pleasure Palace!

ESI means nothing!

After Dry July is over a pilot named Rodger Longbuck had been accepted into a Corporate who participates in drunk fleet Fridays.

…also double post because I am a Frostpacker and @Uriel_the_Flame knows the sarcasm

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Looking to get playing again was in brave in catch years ago, are you guys recruiting?

We certainly are :slight_smile:

Drop an application in and we can take it from there.