Incredible are recruiting [PvP] [Omega] [Null] [High SP]

Incredible are the Brave Collective’s foremost PvP corporation. We operate in Nul Sec on an active front in the war between Legacy and WinterCo. If you’re looking for lots of action covering all aspects of PvP then you’ve come to the right place.

Combining all the benefits of a large nul sec alliance with those of a small PvP corporation Incredible are ideal for pilots seeking more of a challenge. Not happy with sitting in the middle of a blue donut, Incredible deploy to hot zones seeking active content and fights at the higher end of PvP.

We offer:

  • Small gang and small fleet pvp
  • Fun advanced doctrines
  • Active in EU and US TZs
  • Access to shared resources
  • The advice, support and backing of lots of end-game pilots
  • Access to our own advanced moons for mining (you gotta pay for PvP right?)
  • Extensive logistics support
  • Lots of opportunity to learn to or improve your FC skills

Our requirements:

  • At least 20m skill points
  • An active killboard
  • Omega clone state
  • A clean corp history (no enemy corps)
  • Pass our vetting procedure

Where to start to join:

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