Incredible. [SovNS][PvP][EU/US]

More than meets the eye.

At our hearts we are a PvP corporation within the Brave Collective (a Sov holding Null-Sec alliance known to be content central for New Eden PvP), designed to support and help progress higher skill point players expand and develop their skills and further their play-styles.

Being in Brave Collective is about far more than just being a newbro and in Incredible. we have opportunities to suit even the most veteran players.

While our main focus is on PvP and high skilled fleet support roles we have subject matter experts and opportunities within the corp across a range of other areas, from industry to wormholes and from FCing fleets to logistics.

You’ll need a sense of humour and an appreciation for Benny Hill moments. We don’t take much seriously, apart from our devotion to supporting the alliances most critical functions and exotic dancers of all varieties.

Minimum Requirements

  • Can effectively fly one or more T2 frigates
  • Active killboard and / or proven alliance fleet activity
  • Omega clone state (on main account)


  • Can effectively fly one or more T2 cruiser DPS or support doctrines
  • At least 20 million skill points (preferably mostly trained not injected)
  • Have trained the magic 14 skills

Recruitment discord:

Incredible. are still recruiting.

We require full ESI check, so set up a CORE account adding ALL your accessible toons at and then apply via joinus

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