Incredible (Brave Collective). Look again and find high end high skill PvP content

Cast aside your preconceptions, we’re here to tell you that although Brave Collective was the OG newbie alliance a lot of those newbies are still with us and are now hardened end-game players. Brave have changed, we’ve grown and although we’re still newbie friendly we are also the destination of choice for a lot of high end pilots wanting in on the challenging PvP we have available.

Oh boy do we have content. Dozens of high end groups roam to our space, not for easy kills but for challenging fights, to face high end ships, talented pilots and a battle hardened FC team.

Incredible are Brave Collective’s high end PvP corporation. We’re a fun community focussed corp that may seem ireverent at first, but when the chips are down our pilots know how to fight and fight hard. Incredible is not for the feint of heart but if you’re up for a challenge we are absolutely the place to be.

We won’t bore you with a list of bullet points saying we do this, that and the other. Yep, we do that stuff, but what we mostly do is fight long, fight hard, often outnumbered and outgunned but win all the same.

Have you got the heart, the soul, the skill and the spherical things lower down to take the challenge, if yes join the channel incredible. (with the dot) in game or head to Incredible [Brave Collective]


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